James Randall Chumbley

Ferguson Gallery is excited to welcome abstract painter James Randall Chumbley to the gallery. 

James Randall Chumbley is an artist best know for his large mixed media abstract paintings. Many of his paintings are an exploration of his own inner struggles, thoughts and feelings.

James Randall Chumbley was born in Fayette, Alabama. Despite a difficult childhood, Chumbley persevered; eventually graduating from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. His study of art and psychology has informed both his life as a visual artist as well as his career as an author. Through his writing, Chumbley has documented the challenges he faced as a child and has expressed his emotions through painting, often incorporating ideograms and symbols into his work. His paintings harken back to the era of abstract expressionism with his broad painterly brush work and naïve l’art brut drawing style.

Chumbley spends his time between the Coachella Valley, Laguna and Los Angeles. He has published several books and his paintings are in various private collections across the United States as well as cities such as London, Barcelona and Turin.

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