Bryce Hudson, at Ferguson Frame & Gallery

Bryce Hudson is an artist best known for his geometric abstract paintings.

Bryce Hudson was born in Rabat, Morocco. He was adopted by American parents when he was very young. He studied at Kent State University and Kentucky State University. As a person of color being raised in a mostly white neighborhood, Hudson’s early paintings explored race, gender identity and stereotypes through the means of geometric abstraction and photography. Later in his career, the theories of constructivism and use of architectural and special elements would become the hallmark of the work he is best known for.

Hudson is a part of small group Hard-edge painters that work in the Neo-plastic style. Although these artists have a high regard and respect for the genre, they do not adhere to any strict rules, instead exploring the depth and future of geometric abstract art. Hudson currently resides in Florida and Kentucky. He has exhibited widely throughout the United States, Africa and East Asia.


Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, FL
American Institute of Architecture, Tampa, FL
Lexington Art Center, Lexington, KY
Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY
East African Art Biennale, Kenya
Taipei Art Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan

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